Estate Planning

Estate Planning

Last Will and Testament

Claremore Estate Planning Lawyer Todd Willhoite can assist you in your estate plan.

Your planning, or lack of planning, will directly effect others upon your passing.  Estate planning involves discovering your options and making informed choices to carry out your desires.  An estate plan may be as simple as having a Last Will and Testament, or keeping your estate out of probate through the use of a simple trust, or may be multifaceted to accomplish several specific goals.

Sometimes people try to cut corners and do things like placing real property in joint tenancy without understanding their loved ones may face higher capital gains taxes when the property is sold rather than no taxes if another means had been used.  Doing things yourself, without the right training and experience can present false economies.  That is why you should hire an attorney who has the experience to help you answer questions such as:

  • What happens if I become incapacitated during my life?
  • How can I structure my estate to finance my grandchildren’s education?
  • I don’t want to subject my children to appearing in court, how can my estate avoid probate?

Todd Willhoite has been helping people create their own personal estate plans since 1991.  He can answer your questions, and when appropriate prepare documents such as a Durable Power of Attorney, Last Will and Testament, Directive to Physicians, Revocable Trusts, Irrevocable Trusts, and new to Oklahoma in 2008 a transfer on death deed.